Building Amenities

The building is fully accessible with easy access around the site and to the main entry. The ground floor contains amenity facilities that will provide for a wide range of interests including flexible meeting spaces that can be used for hobbies; a large kitchen adjacent to a multipurpose room to be used for parties, lectures or classes; and a computer lounge. Immediately adjacent to the multi-purpose room is a landscaped outdoor space.


  1. 8 Chichester Place
  2. 10 Chichester Place
  3. Main Vehicular Drop-Off
  4. Sheppard Ave E. Pedestrian Enterance
  5. Entrance Canopy (8 Chichester Place)
  6. Outdoor Amenity Terrace (8 Chichester Place)
  7. New Playground
  8. Landscape Areas
  9. Allotment Gardens
  10. Existing Swimming Pool
  11. Geothermal Well Fields
  12. Access to Victoria Park Ave.
  13. Future Subway Location